Below are my champagne worthy goals and some of my bucket list items in no particular order. What gets you out of bed each day?

>Move into our own home, complete with a yard and front porch.

Take a weekend long bikeride with J and friends. (Yes, I know that means camping.)

Study with Leah Cullis

Learn to play the cello

Edit the Juicy Goods

Marry my best friend October 2014

Learn to play Hedwig's Theme on the violin

Write and illustrate my first draft by Summer 2016

Paint (well) with watercolors

Earn my Masters in Rhetoric and Composition

Take a fabulous trip to New York City with my girlfriends

Celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary with fireworks and champagne

Rock Cry Baby Hill at Tulsa Tough with Steph

Hike Enchanted Rock

Spend a week in Montana with family and friends

Have book signings across the country

Have a blooming rose garden

Ride bikes in France with J

See the Aurora Borealis before I'm 35

Attend a Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me! show