Find Your Flat Road

The Mr. and I have a bike route that we call our jammer, because it's a fairly quick loop but has a good mix of hills and flat roads. (When he reads this, I know he will laugh at my idea of hills.) My favorite section on that ride is a smooth wide road, with fields on both sides- and yes, it's flat. It's too early in the route to be a recovery, but I love it nonetheless, look forward to it every time... and remember it fondly when I'm doing hill repeats. 

I started taking spin classes last year as a way to learn about using power/watts to train. My spin coach... uh and husband... takes the class through a warm up and then tells us to "find your flat road." At first, I thought this was a super easy gear where my legs just spun like a prima ballerina without a care in the world. 

I was wrong. (That happens sometimes.)

Just like in life, you should feel some resistance when you're moving forward, otherwise you can spin out of control. No one wants that. Too much resistance and, well, you're climbing up a hill. Not what we're going for right now.

So I found my flat road. In spin class, on the road, and in life. What's exciting, and maybe not news to any of y'all, is that as I keep moving forward- learning, growing, getting closer to my goals- I get stronger. And my flat road gets a little easier until I add a more resistance. See where I'm going with this? 

It's cool to move through life on a flat road, but adding a little resistance makes you strong. This can look like learning a new language, trying something that makes you a little nervous (like calling your representative) or quite literally adding more resistance to your workouts. 

Back to the jammer, just after the flat road section we turn right and there's a city limits sign. I learned, after being left in the dust several times, that some people sprint to city limit signs. On our last ride, I won the sprint and I like to think it's because I got stronger while I was finding my flat road.