Cover to Cover: Letters to the Lost

Letters to the Lost is a love story- two love stories, actually- and Gray weaves those stories together sweetly. We meet Stella and Dan in 1942 in London. Dan is an American airman who strikes up an improbable friendship with Stella- one that keeps them alive in more ways than one. We hop over to London in 2011, where we watch as Jess and Will cross paths time and again. After running away from a horrid boyfriend, Jess finds Dan's letters to Stella... and then finds Will. The meet cutes are definitely screen worthy, and the end had me reaching for the tissues. If you liked The Notebook, I think you'll like this one. 


What I liked: I love love. So a book about finding love in sometimes bizarre places already has an advantage. Gray wrote simple characters, but had you cheering for them right from the start. Dan definitely has the dreamboat role down pat.

What I didn't: It's always hard to see how few choices women had back then, especially during the war. There were times I had to close the book for a bit out of frustration but I'm glad I kept going. Gray also touches on mental health issues, but doesn't stay very long. I especially wish there would have been more attention paid to on particular incident that the characters seem to gloss over.  

I gave it 4 stars on Goodreads for a great escape and because sometimes you just need a good cry.