When All You Want To Do Is Lie In The Road.

My sweet sister-in-law taught me the phrase, “lie in the road” several years ago. While it’s not used literally- most of the time- it does signify a serious break. To lie in the road is to take a temporary step back from what happened (or what is happening), take a minute to reflect, and then get back to work. Sorry Mr. Frost, I won't be taking either of the roads right now. I'm just gonna lie down here for a minute...

You will generally find me on said road:

  • At the end of a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day
  • At the completion of a stressful project, before the start of the next stage
  • After receiving bad news or a rejection
  • While reading the news

To lie in the road is not to meditate, but it is meant to be time spent refueling and powering up for what you need to do next. Think long baths- preferably with bubbles- and listening to your most angsty music. Okay, that’s what I do. And it works. What works for you?

Prime demonstration of how to lie in the road. Credit  here , you're welcome.

Prime demonstration of how to lie in the road. Credit here, you're welcome.

The tricky part though, is getting up and out of the road. Again, you have to find what works for you. Keep in mind that action -and not inspiration- is what is going to get you moving. I could be inspired up to my eyeballs, but that won’t get any of my writing out into the world. It’s hard, after experiencing a setback, to keep going forward. There’s self doubt, bruised ego and major disappointment. Again, that’s me… but maybe it’s you, too?

Remember when I said it's a temporary step back? I meant it. You're not roadkill so up, up, up!!! Quick, list three things you can do to move forward.

Mine are:

  • Submit a piece I've been sitting on
  • Create next month's content calendar
  • Utilize my Skillshare membership to learn some new skills, especially about storytelling.