Since (I've) Been Gone...

I took some time, as you may have noticed from the cricket sounds coming from this space. But I'm here again. During that quiet time, I realized a few things. I'm the first to admit that nothing in here is ground breaking, but it was nice to have the realizations float around my mind. 

  • Thinking about something (dwelling if you will) is usually harder than actually doing it.
  • Inspiration is cheap (but welcome).
  • Waiting for the perfect conditions means you'll always be waiting.
  • Funks happen, sometimes you learn from them, and sometimes you don't. It's fine either way.
  • 9 times out of 10 moving your body in some way each day is a really good idea. 
  • There is a fine line between looking inward for comfort and pushing people away. ...And the special people in your life won't let themselves be pushed too far away. 
  • An evening spent dancing to Beyoncé is an evening well spent.  (I ain't sorry.)
  • Do the work. It may not be perfect right away but it'll at least be something to build on.  
  • (Perfect is in the eye of the beholder.)