It was a pretty cute doodle!

It never fails- I get to the end of the day and I always find myself wishing for one more hour. With that hour I could spend more time with the Mr., get a liiiitle more done on a project, actually fold (and put away!) the laundry, practice the violin... oh, and read. 

This year we got an entire extra day! Okay, so Leap Year is nothing new, but still pretty neat to think about an extra day at our disposal. Miranda at One Little Minute has a cute template for a Leap Year time capsule. Wouldn't it be neat to see how much has changed from one (leap) year to the next? The tricky part is remembering where you put them when it's time to open them! (I'm all ears.. er eyes... if you all have suggestions.)

Truth be told, today has been an ordinary Monday. Nice and ordinary. I didn't have any grand plans to grab today by the (leap) horns, and instead just focus on doing good work. I realized that, while my days do have the same number of hours as Beyonce's, I don't necessarily need to be hustling during all of them. Okay, yes, that's me cutting myself some slack for my only semi-productive month. And that's exactly how I'm spending the remaining hours of this extra day: dinner on the patio and then enjoying just a little bit more down time before the whirlwind of March comes roaring in!

I want to know: How did you spend your extra day? Do you think you'll fill out a little time capsule? Did you love today's Google doodle as much as I did?