Treat yo self (right!)

I had been thinking about going to the eye doctor for a while- I needed to do something about the blurry end-of-day vision and the general eye fatigue. Especially because not reading after work was not an appealing option! But the eye doctor used to terrify me*. Then one night in January, I got a manicure with my girlfriends and one of them said to me, "2016 is the year of treating yourself right."

Manicures are definitely an ingredient of treating myself right. More so if they involve gal pals! But what she said got me thinking.. as a writer (and avid reader) taking care of my eyes is one of the biggest things I can do to treat myself right. I made the appointment the next day.  2 weeks later and here we are!  I wear my glasses for computer work and reading, but since that takes up 70% of my time, well they've become a pretty big part of my life. Eye fatigue be gone!

So here we are in February, the month of love in the year of treating yourself right. Can you think of something that would improve how you feel each day? It doesn't have to be as glamorous as going to the eye doctor, of course. Treating yourself to a water bottle you're stoked about using -and therefore staying hydrated- would be cool too. And never underestimate the humble manicure, mentioned above. Taking care of business looks real good on you (and your polished digits.) Invite the other lady bosses in your life over and make a party of it!

So whether it's a walk around the block for some fresh air (or your favorite indoor activity if you're currently snowed in//have major cedar fever), signing up for a class you're interested in, or going to sleep when you're tired take some time this month- and every month- to treat yourself right. 

*Turns out that I had nothing to fear. My new doctor is a delight and it was truthfully a really cool experience!