What is the "Kick in the Pants" you need?

It was Christmas night and my mom, my husband and I were outside looking for the full moon through the passing clouds. My mom suggested we take the golf cart to see if we could chase the moon and J agreed. I, on the other hand, wanted to get back to the fireplace and my book. No one was surprised. Then J said, "She'd rather read about adventures than have them."

Well ain't that a kick in the pants! Yes, it's true I'd choose reading above many activities. And yes, I generally am the first to turn around when I see a "Road Closed" sign. But I do enjoy adventures, I just need a nudge... or a kick in the pants!

She’d rather read about adventures than have them.

Our honeymoon is an excellent example. This being our first time to Greece, I wanted a detailed travel itinerary. I claimed it was for my parents' peace of mind, and it was, but it was also for me. J suggested we just wing it. ... After my heart started beating again, we compromised: The first 3 days would be planned, and then we'd just go from there. That was the best dang trip I've ever been on. And you know what? There was even time for reading in between all of that adventuring we were doing!

Yep, found the bookstore.

Yep, found the bookstore.

Sometimes, if we're lucky, it just takes someone asking, "what if..." or it may be a call out in front of your mom that makes you jump in to action. Sometimes the kick in the pants comes in the way of a job change- voluntary or otherwise.  While I have no immediate plans to climb every mountain, I've made a deal with myself to at least be open to the idea of an adventure- of the unknown. To me, that looked like joining a professional group for women writers, and deciding to go on a ride despite the probability of getting lost.

Where do you fall on the scale? Do you jump in with both feet or do you require a little nudge?