What small step will get you closer to a big goal?

Remember when I said I wouldn't talk about my children's book until I worked on it? Guess what?

If you guessed that I worked on it, you're right!! I sat down for an hour last weekend and wrote. I came up with a solid outline and some little moments I know I definitely want in the book. It's not a lot, but man it feels good to have that foundation! It's embarrassing that I almost tried to back out of the writing meet-up within minutes of being invited. It's even more embarrassing that this wasn't the first time I tried to get in my own way. 

For those of you who have read The War of Art, you know what I mean when I say that the resistance is strong with this project. For those of you who haven't, hop to it! It could be the "kick in the pants" you've been waiting for. But I digress... The difference that day was that instead of laying on the couch scrolling through my Instagram feed (thinking of writing)- I just did it.  After that hour of writing was up, I still ran my errands and made time to relax, but I was that much closer to my goal of finishing this book. It's amazing to think about what could happen if I was always that intentional with my time, right?

Earlier this week we were bitterly reminded that our time here can be cut short. Older and wiser, I'm not necessarily going to tell you to quit your day job to pursue your passion. I will remind you, as I was, that we have a limited number of days here. And! We have the ability to choose how we spend those days, hours and minutes.

I invite you to spend some time this weekend working on something- anything!- that will get you closer to a goal. No, not invite... insist. Think of your future self, and what "thing" you can do today to get you there.

However, if the only thing you do this weekend is hug your friends, your family, and your pets- well I'd say that's brilliant. Big love, y'all!