Send Yourself Fan Mail This Year

Two days ago I co-hosted a goal setting workshop with Pei, who runs The Paper + Craft Pantry. Both Pei and the P+C Pantry are true delights and it was a wonderful way to kick-off 2016! One of my favorite parts of the workshop, aside from the donuts and coffee, was when Pei handed out cards and instructed us to write to our future selves about the goals we've already accomplished 6 months in to 2016, and whatever else our hearts desired. Pei is going to mail them to us in a few months and we'll get to see what 2016-newbie me had to say! It was a fun exercise in visualizing what I want, and I'm using that feeling to stay motivated this week... and this month. 

I'm sure I say this every year around this time, but 2016 feels different... charged. So I'm taking that energy and running with it. The mundane tasks like go to the eye doctor and flossing have their roles to play in shaping me into the woman I wrote to on Sunday. Also on Sunday (it was a big day!), I met with another pal to talk about potentially working together. While that project is temporarily shelved, that meeting was a step in the right direction. Our meeting definitely influenced what I wrote to my future-self and what I think is possible this year.

I hear a lot of talk of "oh I wish I could tell my younger self this or that..." but what would you tell your older self? Your goal-getting self? Write to the you that you want to be in 6+ months and congratulate yourself on what you've done! Ask questions about specific parts of your goals and give yourself well earned praise. Ask a trusted friend or family member to [set an alarm and] mail it to you on an agreed upon date. Who knows- when it shows up in your mail box, it may give you extra motivation to take action on some of your goals. That letter could also keep you inspired throughout the year or serve as a much-needed piece of fan mail.

So go on and let your future self know how proud you are to be you!