Let's Shift Again, Like We Did Last Summer

Hi Friday! You sure are lookin' good and it's not just the coffee talking.  I hope it's shaping up to be a great day for you guys too!

 I know several people who are either getting their kids ready to start school again, or have already taken those first day of school pictures. It's true that I'm pretty removed from that ritual now, and that my Augusts are pretty calm compared to those I used to spend in the aisles of Target and Office Depot. But I can still feel the shift that happens in August- it's still very much summer just a little quieter. When I think of summer nights in August, they drenched in gold and slow as honey. Do they feel like that for you too?

The to-do lists start to change also. Instead of trips and parties, they shift inward a little. Getting the home ready for the cooler months because... Winter is coming! Maybe you're like me and you've already started planning for Christmas. Just me? Cool. August, to me, is the gentle nudge to get back to work. The evenings are still long enough to sit outside with friends and a cold beverage, but change is definitely in the air.

My friend Nicole does this neat thing of setting small goals each month and reviewing her goals from the previous month. I think this is so great because it's not a check list of tasks, but nuggets that will bring joy and get you a little closer to your big goals. You could say hey, August is half-way over... what gives?! OR you could say- this is great! I still have 2 weeks to prepare for my September small goals. AND if you're feeling wild, you still have time in August. Are there any mini goals you have percolating?

My goals for August and September involve a lot of home-work. We played in our new house all summer and now it's time to slow down and really turn it into a home. We're building beds and getting a dinning room table that fits more than 2! 

Have a wonderful weekend friends. Share an extra smile or two with a stranger.