Oh, you have a blog?

"Oh, you have a blog? What's it about?"

"I write about setting goals and lessons I've learned through yoga and cycling."

For over two years* that has been my elevator speech. And I think for the first year that was definitely true. I was just figuring out that I really liked riding my bike, didn't know how strange and wonderful living in a small home would be... didn't know I would live in a small home and was trying to make sense of a lot. Like me, this blog has evolved over time and yet I've kept the description the same. I've pigeonholed myself, which is unfair. So let's try this again...

"Oh, you have a blog? What's it about?"

"I write about real-life goal setting. I write about small goals and goals-so-big you get goosebumps. I write about nitty-gritty budgeting goals and dream vacation goals."

Yeah, that feels better. 

Now the fun part: What are you working on? Any half-formed goals you want to clear up or a super clear vision you want to share? I want to hear all of it!

*I've missed both blogiversaries. That's two missed chances for cupcakes! TWO!