Countdown to Summer Solstice- Part 3

Today wraps up my recap of my first bike camping trip. You can read part 1 here, part 2 here or read most of it over at Swift Industry's wanderlust-inducing blog. (Bonus: Photos by Gideon).

Day 3 was an early one and the prospect of an easy 40-ish mile ride home made our sunrise departure that much more pleasant. The sunrise group had to get home in order to be at work that afternoon, to finish up graduate school work and to take a nap (yours truly). Our yoga teacher and fellow Swift Navigator was Houston bound for a criterium race, where he ended up placing in the top 10. The final group out took advantage of Bastrop’s Main Street for a second breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes and waffles.

This trip pushed me further than I had ever gone- on a bike and beyond what I thought I could do. It was also a reminder that living in Austin means we're so close to some really incredible state and national parks. We're lucky, y'all. If you have any questions about the Swift Campout, or bike camping in general, please let me know. If you're not sure you're able to make it out to Bastrop next weekend, there are plenty of other nearby (and bikeable!) places to camp. (I have friends who will be adventuring in McKinney Falls for the Solstice- let me introduce you!)

It was roughly 120 miles of road, dirt, gravel and hills. 7 pizzas and an uncounted amount of tacos and bagels were consumed. One armadillo sighting. Two campfires and many cups of campfire coffee enjoyed. I’d say we’re pretty ready for Swift Campout 2015. Bring on the Solstice!