Countdown to Summer Solstice- Part 2

It doesn't take much to get excited about summer! Swift Industries is kicking summer off in the best way possible- one giant  camp out during Summer Solstice. 

You can read Part 1 of our adventures here. For more photos you can check out what I shared over at Swift Industry's blog here.

Day two was for swimming and looking at trees.

Arguably the best part of camping is camp coffee and that was in full effect on Day 2. We let the sunrise wake us up and sleepily made our way to our various coffee set-ups. We talked about the various rustling we heard that night and one camper excitedly shared that it was an armadillo bumbling around camp, bumping into our bikes and tents. Not only that, it was the first armadillo she had seen since moving to Texas! We figured it was a good sign, since the armadillo is considered Beat The Clock’s spirit animal.

Bye Matthias! He was Austin bound and we met up after the camping trip. As of this post, he's made it to the Grand Canyon.

After making breakfast we broke camp and turned our sights back to Bastrop State Park. We said goodbye to our new friends as they headed to Houston and Austin, and we hopped back onto Park Road 1C. Part of the group branched off for a dirt ride into camp while the rest revisited the hills. The camp vibes were strong with us- Bastrop’s pool opened 20 minutes after we arrived at the park. Day 2 was full of burgers, swimming and plenty of lounging. After camp was set up, one of Beat The Clock’s founders led a camp yoga session, using logs as props and attracting some curious stares from the Girl Scout camp set up next to us.

For dinner we finished up the pizzas and made a few tacos for good measure. We enjoyed a mellow night following a sun and pool soaked day and turned in early- I think the Girl Scouts were up later than we were. The moon was almost full that night, making our headlamps almost unnecessary.

My favorite camper.