Consider discomfort

I was reading an article about a study that aimed to make procrastination so uncomfortable for students, they would return to the task at hand sooner than if left to their own devices. While I typically do very poorly under negative reinforcement, this idea intrigued me. (I also could have benefited from this in grad school.) I love the idea of being able to study at what level of discomfort will someone change their situation.

This got me thinking about some of my goals and of some of my hyper-talented friends, and yeah I felt a twinge of... envy. I know. It's not becoming and I'm not proud of it. But it happened and it probably won't be the last. Then my intuition/heart elbowed my ego out of the way and asked "what are you going to do about it?" Not in a judgy way, but more of a "once a grad-student, always a grad-student" way. At what point will my discomfort nudge (or shove, really) me into action toward my goals?

I think about my East Coast friends who are dealing with a deeper, harsher discomfort and their ability and need to share and discuss the many times that moved them to action. I think about the conversations I had with brilliant professors and my peers and to see it acted out on a larger scale- it's really moving to see what people can do (what we can do) when we are uncomfortable.

I think that most of us are capable of creating a really epic world. Our small scale acts and creations can have a larger impact than we think. Think of dropping a pebble in a pond- how the first ripple is tiny, the next one is a little bigger, and so on... It's just a matter of being uncomfortable enough to drop the pebble.

I'd love to hear what pushes you to create or start something new? What typically acts as a catalyst for change in your world?