Save Some For the Park Road

You guys! I've missed you. Truly. Please tell me what's new in your world- kind of like a virtual coffee date, with the intention that we will catch up over real-life coffee.

Last weekend I went bike camping with some friends and it was so. good. Even the parts that hurt and I thought I was going to just camp on the side of the road were pretty incredible (especially after I got through them). Before this weekend, the longest distance I've pedaled was 34 miles. We more than doubled that on Friday. And by the time the weekend was over, I think I had pedaled around 120 miles. Yessss!!!

At work on Monday a woman asked why we didn't just drive out there and then pedal around the park instead. Because we would have missed the wildflowers on the trail, or the baby cows running along the fence on Old Sayers Road. Because we wouldn't have needed to stop at Tracy's in Bastrop for a snack break- or get to talk to the guy rolling around town with a bag of ice. We rode our bikes because food tastes that much better after a long ride, and happiness is an ice cold beer around a campfire. There's a lesson in here about pushing for your goals, and how rewarding it is when you work hard. 

There's also a lesson in having a really good time with your friends. I absolutely did this to challenge myself, and except for a few moments of doubt, knew that I could complete the ride. But mostly I was in it for the stories and the fun times with friends. This was my maiden voyage on the sea of adventure... or something like that. There's another trip in the works for Summer Solstice. Let me know if you're interested.

And! When I wasn't riding my bike, I was writing about our tiny home and creating a tiny indoor garden.  Being able to contribute to Modernize gives me goosebumps. It's a really great resource for gathering information and inspiration for all things home- it's what I imagine Al Borland would use if he had a Pinterest account... okay maybe without all the plaid.

Finally, I'll leave you with this: When someone tells you to "save some for the park road," there are probably big hills in your future.

You haven't seen the last of me, Park Road 1C.