I missed Rex Manning Day... but we mustn't dwell

I know I don't need an excuse to watch Empire Records. But if I did, then last night was IT! Yesterday was Rex Manning Day, and to my friends who know me well (and the (un)fortunate family members who have heard me sing Say No More, Mon Amour repeatedly at reunions), it is a free pass to excessively quote the movie and maybe glue some quarters to the ground. 

My plan was this: finish prepping dinner while J decompressed from work., eat said dinner and then settle in for the best of what the '90's had to offer, aka Empire Records. So good, right?

Life had other (better) plans though, and we ended up sharing our evening with two special friends, their dog and a bottle of wine. It was lovely because it was human connection and the creation of memories, not to mention- really great wine. And all of those things trump even the best movies.

Part of the reason I love living in such a small space is because more happens when you're thrown together- in the best way possible, and with this lovely weather we get to use our "extended living room," also called our front porch to entertain friends. Instead of Rexy, we had our dogs and each other to entertain us. And we all know that Deeno can be just as scandalous as Mr. Manning himself.

I have very few plans this weekend and am trying to leave it that way- trying to leave myself open to a little more spontaneity and perhaps a little more wine. What do you have going on? 

PS: I contributed to a great blog called Modernize this week. They are an inspiration station for creating the home of your dreams. It pairs nicely with living a life you love, yes? I shared 5 things that I've learned from living in a small space. Check it out and let me know what you think. Is there anything you want to know about living in a small space?