Together we shine!

Last weekend I camped with 200 bad  ass women at Texas Style Council's last hurrah. I'm still processing so much of what I learned and felt that I think I'll leave the recap to Nicole and direct you to Megan for a clip of her presentation

This week, as I transition into a new role at work, I'm focusing on progress and moving forward. No one likes a stagnant Clementine. This definitely comes with challenges and my ego is having a pity-parade because it's never easy to be new at something. I'm lucky to be surrounded by so many strong woman who teach me things each day. And if I look at my goals (learn the cello, go on a book tour, etc...) it's pretty clear I'm going to be feeling that "I'm new" feeling a lot. So why not embrace it?

When I sat down and wrote my goals for 2015, there were some big ones (like earning a promotion) and some small ones (more plants in our house) that I wanted to work towards. I even wanted to get on a bike that I could ride to work as well as take on camping trips. Gang! I got them! I asked, I worked hard and wrote some letters, but here I am. The chances of getting what you want increase significantly if you ask! And then (here's the kicker) use what you know and learn to help someone. It's basic shine theory, really. If I shine, you shine and vice versa. 

So shine on, friends! And if you need anything please ask. You've got a friendtor in me.