Quite Content

This weekend was a delightfully quiet weekend and a lovely way to welcome in a new month. The rainy Saturday was perfect for listening to radio shows, painting nails and cleaning the house. The sunny Sunday was juuuuuust right for lounging and impromptu coffee chats, followed by more friend-time. Throw in my grandma's 91st birthday party, lunch with dear friends and an evening of BBQ and football and that was my weekend. Nothing special, just quiet delights sprinkled throughout two days. 

As I wrap up year 30- full of big changes and even bigger love, I'm ready to welcome 31 next week- a year of quiet delights. It's the feeling of slipping into bed when the sheets have just been washed and not having to set an alarm the next day. The quiet comfort of laughing with a dear friend, wrapping your hands around a warm mug of tea and your love around each other. It's holding hands as your drift off to sleep and kissing tiny puppy noses before you leave for work. 

This year, for me, is like the no make-up make-up trend: Simple and beautiful. I'm focusing more on creating and (creating) strong foundations than big productions, and am excited about how right that feels for me. I'm excited about the big goals I set and about stacking little habits and tasks on top of each other to reach these goals. I am excited to celebrate quiet little moments in my friends lives because all of these moments are special. And just like Sprouts snoozing in a patch of sunlight, I am quite content in this little moment.