Like smiling when you're wearing a mud mask.

All day I talk to people who are hurting, sad, angry and afraid. And all day I read about other people who are hurting, sad, angry and afraid. Sometimes it's all I can do to still be upright by the time the whistle blows for me to go home. Do you feel it too?

I wasn't sure where I wanted to go with that, only that I just wanted to share with you, that sometimes the fear and the anger are too much. It all just hurts a little too much. How do you process that much negativity?  

I'm lucky when, without much prompting, my thoughts slide to my sweet home and my solid-gold friends. I start to count the people (and puppies) I'm grateful for, think of the adventures we've been on and the ones we have planned. A little gratitude goes a long way in soothing certain hurts.

I started journaling again yesterday. My last true entry was from my honeymoon. Yeah, that's over a year ago. There are mini-vision boards (very mini), lists and random observations, but I haven't let my brain (or heart) purge or bask in whatever makes up the weight on my shoulders. When I closed the journal for the evening, I felt a little crack, like smiling when you're wearing a mud mask, in my shell. No knots totally unbound themselves, the hills weren't alive with the sound of music, but there was definitely a shift. 

I wonder, if I can do that for myself regularly, how much stronger will it make me in order to help those who are hurting, sad, angry and afraid find some peace?