An argument in favor of Monday.

I like Monday. Friday usually gets all the glory of the work-week, while Saturday and Sunday are in a league of their own. But Monday is like cracking open a new notebook- kind of intimidating, but also waiting for you to set the tone. I've pretty much stopped joining in on the "Ugh Monday's" chorus in the elevators first thing because I do enjoy the fresh start of a week. I do not always enjoy my alarm, but that's a different story.

What I'm realizing more and more about myself is that I love the beginning of things: years, weeks, adventures, projects, books... It's the promise and possibility of great that really gets me going. That's one (of many) reasons I love goal coaching- there is so much freakin' possibility in your goals!

At brunch yesterday, we had a great conversation about planning versus being in the moment. I am a planner. This surprises no one. But I also appreciate living in the moment because you don't want to miss any of this! Okay yes, there are parts I'd love to just block out, but you never know what you can learn in the here-and-now if you're (always) looking to the future! I think there's something there in the planning that speaks to my love of beginnings- the possibility of what can happen.

Which could also be why I tend to get stuck mid-way through projects. I start to realize that the possibility of a goal is waaaay outside my comfort zone, skill level or (expected) time frame. Sometimes this is fine- I realize it was just the novelty of the idea I liked and I scrap the project. Other times I just get discouraged that it's not going as I planned. And that's where living in the moment comes in. There's so much possibility in each and every day that we never give a chance, because we're looking towards what's next. The next event, the next job, the next vacation.

Mondays allow me to do both: plan for the week ahead AND just focus on the day. While I don't think I would want a week full of Mondays, I would love to keep the Monday mindset going- with a lot fewer "ugh's," please.