The Written Century or the Year of 100 Pages

They say that in order to become a great writer, one must be a great reader.  I don't know who "they" are, but I've heard it enough- and from authors I admire- that I believe it to be true. It's no secret that reading, in addition to my husband and our chuys, is a great love of mine. So this advice, to read more, is something I've happily taken to heart.

There's only one problem: I've been reading, yes. But not writing. I'm 9 books away from completing my 100 book challenge for 2015. And 0 books in to my own book (and the subsequent series). Meanwhile, the writing I have done has not furthered that particular goal of mine, aside from some spontaneous bursts of productivity and some weird storyboard sketches.

I know that goals are most powerful when they can be measured- saying I will write more next year sounds pretty ho-hum, right? So instead I'll tell you that in 2016 I'll write 100 pages to be published. That means if I do it right, I'll have several pieces a month to submit to Man Repeller's Writers Club AND make some serious progress on this book (that I've been talking about writing for years)! At the very least, I'm looking forward to growing my body of work and seeing how I can challenge myself each week.

To keep myself accountable, I'll share what I'm up to here of course. And hopefully this time next year I'll have a sneak peak of a book so sweet you'll get it for your niece, with art so cool you'll snag one for yourself too! 

If you want to partake in the year of 100 pages, let me know! We can share prompts and motivate one another when 500 words is 498 words too many. This doesn't have to be for just writers, either. All are welcome to create their own century!