October is for celebrations!

Hi, hello, welcome! Happy October.

Today is my (not so) little brother’s 30th birthday! 3 cheers for the best brother entering the best decade!

September was a lot of fun: I started learning the violin and I completed a personal challenge of riding 150+ on my bike. To be clear: That distance was spread over the course of the month. One day I’ll see about completing my first century. Our house is definitely a home and J made some incredible pieces, truly making the space our own. Just come over and see them! Speaking of incredible- two of the best people on this planet welcomed a tiny person into the world. She’s so perfect, you guys! No, I’m not crying….

So. October! It feels like this is the start of celebration season- there are so many birthdays and reasons to celebrate. J and I will be celebrating our first year of wedded bliss! That was a quick and fantastic year. We’ll also be reminiscing about Greece and the incredible people we met there. You know I’ll be using my Greek cookbook a lot and it looks like a ghost-story competition will be happening. (Last year we were in Santorini during Halloween and we stumbled upon a ghost story competition. J took home first place and the party was in his honor. It’d be silly not to host the Austin satellite party/competition, right?)

And bike camping season has returned! We’re pretty spoiled, weather wise, here. So the few months when it’s just too hot and the mosquitoes are too prevalent to make sleeping outside enjoyable are pretty rough. But not now! While the only camping trip on the books right now is our anniversary jaunt, it won’t be the last time. Let’s get the gang back together!

Photo by the mister.

In that vein, I’m going to do a little series about commuting to work on your bike: how to prep, finding a route, gear and some good things to have when you get off the bike and into the office. Is there anything else you’d like to hear about from this amateur cyclist?