Riding those Peaks and Valleys... or is it Climbing?

I like to think I'm pretty adaptable. I like to think my yoga practice has taught me to go with the flow, as well as my time as a freelance writer. Even (or especially) living in a tiny house has convinced me that I'm pretty great at adapting to my surroundings and whatever life has to offer.

On Sunday I experienced the emotional equivalent of X-Games. I was the Shaun White of the excitement/disappointment half-pipe! It looked like this: Wake up for coffee and visiting with out of town friends before heading to Cross Nationals (Yes!) Find out race is delayed... cancelled... postponed for the next day (Ugh and Boo!) Husband is throwing a bandit race (Yay!) We have to leave race early... (Boo.) to run/walk with his mom for her first 5K (Epic Yay!)

There were moments when I was dang near petulant because things weren't going a) the way I wanted and b) the way I had planned. I would have stomped my feet if I had been alone, but don't worry, I played it cool. I had been looking forward to Sunday's events for several weeks and felt robbed. I think it was on the way to the 5K where I finally checked myself- I had no reason to whine. If I wanted to cause a fuss then it should be about how well my husband and his club can pull events together, the amazing people I was able to meet and spend time with, or how excited I am for my mother-in-law, or how great the Austin community is. 

How nice it would be to think that Sunday was the last time I'd feel ungrateful for what I have, or that I would be upset about a change in plans. But maybe this feeling, this reminder that it'll all be okay, will stick around a little longer when things do go... differently. In the end I was able to spend time with some of my favorite people (and my most favorite person) doing some of my favorite things (like eat pizza and yell silly things in a park). 

Still (and always) adapting,