When there's a little too much "Y" in DIY

If you recall from my last post, I've been using the wedding as a reason to try all of the crafts I've been curious about. Since John was out of town last night, I decided to spend the evening with Bey, Jay, and my embossing supplies. Here's how I thought my evening would go:

Get home and feed the dogs before I pedaled over to yoga. Come back from yoga to make dinner and start embossing, while watching the On The Run tour (of course). After I make about 25 cards, call it a day and snuggle with the pups before bed.

Here's how it actually went:

Get home from work to be greeted by 4 very hyper dogs, one of which is so happy I'm home he gets sick. Clean that up and then start to set up my work station for the evening. Recognize I don't have time for yoga. Realize I didn't take into account the a) tearing out pages; b) gluing said pages onto the card stock; or c) cutting excess page around card stock. After I learned I had to also cut the rubber letters to create the stamps before I could use them I held up my embossed white flag. The outcome of my semi-DIY stamps was not pretty. I decided tonight would be about gluing and cutting paper. Then I ran out of glue. That's about the time I turned off OTR and rented The Fault In Our Stars. Phew!

Here are my three major takeaways from last night:

  • Don't forget to factor in prep-steps to your project
  • When things aren't going well, step away from the table for a moment
  • Always give yourself ample time. When you don't have ample time, simplify the process

While I was laying in bed I found myself thinking of different ways I could stamp out names so it wouldn't look like "ST E     P H," I noticed that I was not as panicked as I thought I would (should?) be. I was surprisingly calm in looking for plans B and/or C. Part of it comes from the discipline of my full-time freelancing days and there was definitely some yoga at work- all those times I stayed (calm) in difficult postures, but I think the main thing that kept me calm was thinking of the big picture. No one (really) cares about what their name cards look like- it's all about the love.

So next time you're thinking about having a mild (major) panic attack because a project is taking longer, or your stamps won't line up- walk away (even if only for 60 seconds!) and look at the big picture. It's going to work out. I promise.