5 Things

1. I used my sweet bike to commute to work this week for the first time! A solid 5 miles in 30 minutes using the trails and new Boardwalk. I also managed to avoid the all of the runners who were also on the trail and new Boardwalk. It takes me the same amount of time to/from work as it does in my car, and let's me stretch my legs after sitting most of the day. With all of the wonderful and heavy rain we've had this week, the trail has been a little too wet (read: probably underwater) for my comfort level. I'm excited to resume that commute style next week. I'm also excited to get my time down.

2. Speaking of exciting bike rides, Cyclocross is coming! Or is here. I think it's here. My main squeeze co-hosts a series of cross races to get local cross enthusiasts ready for the season. On Wednesday, my friend Megan and I took the opportunity to combine two unlikely activities: cross-stitching and heckling. Yes, cross is here indeed. If you have any interest in either cross-stitching, heckling, or cyclocross let me know if you'd like to join.

3. I just finished A Dance With Dragons, the 5th book in the Game of Thrones series. What am I supposed to do while I wait to read more about Jon Snow. Help!

4. We get married in less than a month. Yep! In the meantime, I'll be crafting. I'm embossay

4.5. I'm extremely happy that someone combined Kelis and embossing. 

5. I think I'll round out my bike-centric 5 Things with my weekend plans. Ride4runser is happening on Sunday. Megan Runser is incredibly hilarious, a fashionista, clever as all get-out, a legit people-connector, oh and she has cancer. Naturally, a stuffy fundraiser WOULD NOT make sense for this brilliant woman so the rad spin studios of Austin are coming together and throwing a party. Want to come but don't have the funds? I'll pay. Just put on your spandex (or your party pants) and join me. Don't want to spin? Cool, grab a cocktail and I'll join you at the party. On me!

http://ride4runser.splashthat.com/ C'mon let's #sweatgold #ride4runser

http://ride4runser.splashthat.com/ C'mon let's #sweatgold #ride4runser