5 Things

1. I've been listening to podcasts while I make dinner lately- well anytime I'm in the house actually and I feel silly for developing this ritual so late in the game. Seanwes' podcast motivates me to make more work, and Ann Friedman's makes me want to call all of my friends. This weekend I plan to catch up on Nicole's sweet podcast- Breakfast for Dinner. What other shows should I be listening to? It's a whole new world!


2. I have a little case of Autumn Envy after I checked the weather in my old stomping grounds- DC. It's still in the very high 90's here and I want to break out my sweaters and start making stews. Yes, I recognize that it's still officially summer and no, I don't agree that it's time for pumpkin-anything, but this gal is ready for cable-knit sweaters, boots and the smell of fireplaces! 

3. Looking forward to a weekend full of rain, family, watercolors, and football. And yoga- definitely some yoga in there. I've planned a lot of indoor activities that are made even better with the sound of (late) summer rainstorms. What are you working on this weekend?

4. Reading about New York Fashion Week this week got me in the mood for a little closet clean up. Excited to pare down my wardrobe and fill in some gaps with classic pieces... okay and some fun accents. In case you haven't heard- this lady is inspiring closets across the country, or at least my blogging community.

5. Ann Patchett. I'm making my way through This Is The Story Of A Happy Marriage  and I'm so grateful to the friend who sent me this book. The Patchett's and Friedman's of the world really know how to move this gal's heart and soul. I feel stronger when I read their words.