5 Things

1. I have been really struggling with sharing anything this week. As you can tell, up until today it's been a losing battle. I read Amy Tan's quote today in the Wall Street Journal and it kicked me in the heart... in the beautiful way that poetry usually does. What does it make you feel?

My heart is as calm as a full moon reflecting in a deep pond in winter. Spring rain arrives with a burst of creativity.
— Poem that relates to Tan's writing

2. This weekend I will be crossing off one of my goals: to take a weekend long bike ride with J and friends. Camping included! We'll be heading out to McKinney Falls tomorrow to play in the falls, read books (or at least I will), play card games and sleep under the sky. One point I'm excited about is that at 49 minutes, it won't even be the longest I've spent on my bike. I think that's a pretty great start to my first bike camping trip.

3. Does anyone have any unique grilling... recipes (?) to share? J and I are really enjoying grilling out most evenings, especially since the temperatures are below 100 again. I think this may be the best summer I've spent in Austin so far.

4. Since committing to eating most meals at home (read: cooking more), I've noticed a really big change in how I feel and more freedom in my budget. I really enjoy grocery shopping now too. Not my favorite thing, but it's become slightly less than a chore. Do I want to go tonight? No. But because we've dialed in our weekly shopping list, I don't have to. Unless it's to get camping snackies.

5. Our trip to Greece (i.e. Honeymoon- eep!) is starting to feel real. We've found two really strong candidates for tours. Have you ever been to Greece? Any recommendations?  I'm pretty excited to start my life as a Mrs. by going on an adventure... with amazing food... and views. Oh the goosebumps!