Pencil Me In: Creating an Editorial Calendar

I used to think editorial calendars were only for fashion bloggers- mainly because I only heard fashionistas talking about them. And then I stopped living under a rock. Many writers I admire and follow (read: obsess over) praise these simple planning tools to set the tone for the month or even the season. I helped set up these calendars for my clients and finally said “alright, already!” and made one for myself. If you recall, I did that for June. And then took a writing hiatus.

A new month means a chance to start something fresh, and I’m excited to share what I learn. If you already use an editorial calendar, what works for you? What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Getting Started

I drew my own calendar using a pen and ruler. Then, since I love watercolors, I added some flourishes and painted the name of the month. You can also use your own planner or download a printable calendar. Make it something you’ll want to look at, work with, and use. Even though my calendar is a hard-copy, I also recognize that it’s a living thing- don’t be afraid to scratch out, erase, and move things around.

Coming up with your topics or theme for the month is stressful for a lot of people, but remember that you can change everything! This calendar serves as a close guide for the month, an assistant if you will, and is not supposed to make you feel locked in. Doing the pre-work for your month is important because it frees up time for you to actually write later on. When it comes time to post, you’ll have one less decision to make!

A lot of my work with clients has been getting them organized and helping them plan out their schedules, so my content for this month was pretty easy to come up with. However, that may not be the case for next month. If you don’t know exactly what you want to write about, explore some themes relevant to you: a certain color theme, a genre of books, or a menu theme for the kitchen.

Not a blogger, but still reading this?

Thank you! Editorial calendars can be adapted for your own goals. Maybe July is Home Renovation month, and you have different themes for each week. If it’s a bigger project… like home renovation, obviously, you can plan out what your next 3 months will look like. Or if you want to get into cooking, set a theme for each week and learn new techniques and dishes.

If you want to geek-out over calendars, or want more detail, let’s talk! It can be overwhelming looking at the whole month, but I’m here for you!