5 Things

1. It's below 95 in Austin today and I'm using the opportunity to rock my summer sweater (... that I wore to dinner last night). You know, a sweater that won't do anything to keep you warm in the winter, but is only acceptable in movie theaters and grocery stores during the summer. I bought this one as a beach cover up for our trip last month and have been waiting until it was cool enough to wear it again. Then the rains came and here we are! It's pseudo-autumn in Austin- at least until tomorrow. 

2. Y'all. One word: Ipsy. My Director of Hype (read: Maid of Honor) turned me onto this delightful subscription and I wait all month for the shiny (really shiny) pink package to show up. Fun-sized (and sometimes full size) make-up, lotion, nail-polish... it's like opening a care package from some really amazing pen-pal you've never met.

3. Speaking of really amazing: I recently heard about Open Arms, a local organization that empowers refugee women in the United States. Check it out. If you've been wanting to clean out your closets, this is a great place to take your used t-shirts- and turn them into some really incredible sustainable apparel. 

4. A super brilliant friend has her first art show tonight! I can't handle the excitement. I get all teary just thinking about it. Medici on West Lynn. 7PM. You can check out her work here.

5. ...Is my favorite number. It's also the number of minutes Franny, an uber talented photographer and New Yorker, spends interviewing her friends. I'm hooked. Her site is also not doing anything to quell this new desire for a camera that isn't attached to my phone. Any of my sweet photography friends have suggestions? Big thanks to Megan for directing me to Franny.