Technology and typewriters

Thanks to The Skimm (i love you), this morning I read that Germany may start using typewriters again to counteract espionage. Did anyone else think of Independence Day when they read that? Using Morse code to thwart the aliens! Brilliant. As someone who comfortably straddles the analog/digital fence, I'm really interested in the juxtaposition of analog tools in a very high-tech world.

Often times, my to-do lists start on post-its or in my planner before they make it into Things. I have a surplus of pens in colors other than blue, despite the fact that I spend most of my day at a computer; and even though I have an iPad, I have three hardcover books from the library sitting on my desk... one of which is about the dance between technology and a very special book.

I love the physicality of the analog life. Books! And letters in the mail, actually scratching something off a list, and yes- the privacy. There won't be ads in my thank-you notes for related items. It's not you, Google- it's me. Let's not forget the joys of meeting over coffee and interacting with our community.

And then, sweet technology, allows me to write here. And I can carry my contacts, budget, calendar and phone in one slim piece of equipment. And the apps- oh the apps! I can talk with my brother and sister-in-law in Abu Dhabi thanks to e-mail and Skype. Instant gratification, that's why I love you digital world.

I'm curious about what you think. Do you see a future where we are all back on typewriters? Will technology ever get too big for its britches? Will I ever stop feeling guilty for reading something on my iPad?