5 Things

1.  I haven't been able to put down Girl in Landscape all week. It's a sci-fi western, if that genre exists. The sky is candy colored, potatoes are the staple food, and a house deer is a thing. Not something I would normally pick-up, but a friend suggested I read it- I'm happy I followed his advice. Have you read it? Can we go to the local saloon and talk about it?


2. I had a scary bike accident last week. Superwoman-ed over the handlebars, yard sale in the middle of the street- it wasn't pretty. I'd be a vegetable if I wasn't wearing my helmet, or at the very least a lot like Ace Ventura in a tutu.

 I'm happy to report that nothing is broken- just sprained and a sweet case of whiplash. When it's quiet and I relax a little, I can still feel myself going over the bars. (Wear your helmets people.) J has taken incredible care of me, wrapping my ankle every day- now that's an act of love.

3. We're getting close to the T-3 month mark until our wedding. Which means cake tasting is in the near future. I may have been thinking about this part since I said "yes!"

4. I want to fix-up the curtains in our place. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? This is something I never thought I'd be asking. Does anyone want to learn how to make curtains together?

5. A goal for this weekend is to set some financial goals for myself. It's been really cool helping people get clear on what they want- and how to get there, so I figure it's time to do the same for me. That and organize my sock drawer. I currently have one pair of socks- the others are just floating around. Hang on folks- it's gonna be a wild weekend!