Here comes the sun.

When asked, I usually tell people I'm a morning person that has a hard time getting out of bed. But when I do manage to rise before the sun, I'm oh-so-happy I did! I love watching the morning sun and hearing the roosters crow when I'm NOT trying to snooze. 

Mornings are lovely, and I love the steps Leo Babauta shares to help you create your own lovely morning. Here are my favorites:

  • Wake a little earlier. If you set your alarm for 10-15 minutes earlier than usual (and don't hit snooze!) You will have time to enjoy your first cup of coffee instead of slamming it down on your way to work.
  • Have something to look forward to. Maybe it's watching the sunrise, walking the dogs to get coffee, or reading another chapter in your book. Whatever it is, make it fun. Mornings can be your special time to do some writing or work on other projects that rarely get your special attention.
  • Don't dive into e-mail or little things. There is plenty of time for that after 8AM. I've started keeping my phone downstairs for two reasons. One: Having to climb down from our loft to turn off my bird-chirp alarm is a pretty strong deterrent to hitting snooze. Two: I'm less likely to check my e-mail before both eyes have opened, which allows me to enjoy the process of waking up and not immediately clutter my mind.

I'd really like to thank Kristin over at My Life as a Teacup for leading me to this delightful read.