Ingredients to a better day

I had a particularly rough Monday morning. Usually I enjoy them because they are the New Years Days of the week- a fresh start and a chance to accomplish what you weren't able to last week. This morning I didn't care about fresh starts or accomplishing anything. I was sad and wanted to stay in bed. But the world doesn't stop when you're scared or sad, so I got up. It helped knowing I was going to be seeing some really incredible people within hours of getting out of bed, and that I was able to wake up to my fiance and chihuahuas- so that's when I made a choice to make the best of it. 

So here are a few ingredients to a better day. Use as needed.

  • A coffee & goal date with someone who inspires you.
  • Hugs. Lots of them.
  • Looking at (and squeezing... if it's acceptable) cute dogs.
  • Smile intervals. That's exactly what it sounds like. Smiling for as long as you can and then resting your face for a moment. Do ten reps and tell me you're not laughing a little bit. (Hey! Fake it till you make it!) Credit for this goes to Stephanie- she is the inventor of all things that are cool and fun.
  • Making a choice to make the best of a situation.
  • Paint your toenails. Mine are Tiffany blue- and they make me smile. 
  • Move your body. Including but not limited to: interpretive dance, yoga, walk with the dogs, walk to grab coffee, work standing up for 30 minutes, fist pumps in your car, etc...
  • Write a thank-you note. Seriously, it'll remind you of all that you have.
Gratitude changes your vibrational frequency.
— Oprah Winfrey.
  • Tell your family and friends that you love them. Life is way too short not to. 
  • Call your mother, or someone who is like a mother to you.
  • Buy (or pick) yourself some flowers.
  • Remember that I love you so much.