Lessons from Sleeping Beauty... in all her forms

Sleeping Beauty is my jam. Growing up in a forest! That dress! The extended snooze! I would be dancing on clouds too.

As a young clementine, I think I watched Disney's version of Sleeping Beauty several times a day, (sorry mom and dad!) I'm happy to say that I don't watch it nearly as much now, but it still holds a very special place in my heart. And I'm happy to say Aurora, or Rose, is having her day: The Sleeping Beauty Ballet is in Austin this weekend, Maleficent comes out this month, and While Beauty Slept offers us a very different tale of what really happened- one that I can't stop thinking about.

Why am I confessing my fascination with this fairy tale today? Because I think there's a cool lesson for us in all of these adaptations. We don't have to use the same approach for a problem we're solving, an article we're writing, or a meeting we're planning.  What if you tried a different course of action than you usually take, or a different lens to examine the situation? What possibilities open up for you when you look at it that way?

Have you ever changed up your approach to solve a problem or do you stick with the classics? What do you think of these Sleeping Beauty adaptations? Where can I find a dress like that? Let's discuss!