What I'm Reading

Last year I created a summer reading list for further incentive to read those books I've been putting off. There are few things more satisfying than checking a box and turning the last page of a book- though though the latter is a little bittersweet.

This year I joined the 50 Book Pledge to keep track of my progress, and because I wanted the challenge of reading 50 (!) books in a year. I'm also determined to get through all of the Game of Thrones, excuse me, the Song of Ice and Fire series so I can scoop up the 6th installment when it is released. (I do love book releases!)


I'm currently reading Talk Like TED: The 9 Public-Speaking Secrets of the World's Top Minds. Think of the lives changed and people impacted after watching a TED talk. Now imagine you're the one who has impacted those people. I want to do that. I also want to be able to tell stories where I don't feel like ending them with "... and then I found $20!"


I'm also making my way through Dracula. Yep, the O.G. of vampires. I'm reading this during the brightest and least spooky part of the year because, let's face it- I'm a wuss when it comes to scary stories. And I prefer my vampires sparkly, sensual (I'm looking at you, Lestat), or being kicked around by Buffy. 

I'll admit that my to-read bookshelf is overflowing but that won't stop me from asking for recommendations. What are you reading?

Want to meet for coffee and talk about your favorite book? Let's do it!