I am a writer... who rides bikes.

My car was stolen two days ago.

Maybe borrowed is more like it, because it was returned to a different lot later that night. Besides missing some blueberries, everything was as I had left it. Was it some sick prank? A joyride for some blueberry lovers? I have no clue. (If it was a prank, don't tell me... I hate pranks.)

Two things stood out from this strange day. First, that I have some of the most generous and caring friends in the world. My best friend showed up to wait for the police with me- keeping my mind off the situation and making me happier than snapping my spandex. My fiance guarded our house in case the joyriders tried to use my house keys to break in, and the outpouring of help was a little overwhelming. I was even visited at home by two pals (one of them via Facetime), making it obvious that a stolen car was okay- it's the people in my life that are irreplaceable. 

Then my friend dropped a bomb. "You did say you wanted to ride your bike more."

Well.... yes I did. And someone was making that happen. That's the second thing that stood out to me: My words have a strong role in what happens in my life. Call it the law of attraction, visualization, self-fulfilling prophecies, or creating your own path- but what you say matters. 

I believe that, more strongly than ever. If you want your work to be in illustrating, then call yourself an Illustrator. Done. We are way more powerful than we believe, and so are our words. Use that power wisely.

I will ride my bike more often... with my car safe and sound at home.  What will you do?