It's Friday, I'm in love [with my new floor]

In 400 square feet, a little project like re-flooring the bathroom and kitchen, can take over your entire house. What started out as a one day project has bled into the whole week, and it's been a practice of patience, flexibility, and staying calm. A practice I sorely needed, apparently.

As holes in our foundation were discovered, leaky pipes fixed, and missing insulation added, I started to feel as warped as the flooring we were replacing. No matter how much yoga I practiced (a lot), I couldn't ground myself where I needed to most- at home- which made my home office a less than idea place to work from this week. The good news is I took care of so much admin and organizing that I won't have to do a major clean anytime soon.

But it's Friday, I'm at my favorite coffee shop, and I'm basking in thoughts of the weekend: Easter dinner with my San Antonio family, the projects I have next week, and knowing that J and I will have more than 10 minutes to spend with each other. Assuming there are no more bursting pipes or holes, I think it's gonna be smooth sailing friends. And if it isn't... well I can always use more patience... and a glass of champagne.