Developing hope

The best way to predict the future is to create it.
— Peter Drucker

Have you ever thought about the connection between personal development and hope? Until last night, I had not linked the two together. But as I listened to our pre-marital counselor talk about growth and hope, I realized he was on to something. 

Later, when Bigcommerce posted Forbes' top quotes for entrepreneurs and I read Drucker's quote, I realized there are few people more hopeful than entrepreneurs. They do the work for personal and professional development with the hope that they will succeed. Creation, innovation, and learning are manifestations of hope. 

So the next time you feel stagnant or bored, look around for something to give you hope- something that will propel you forward. Is there a continuing education course in your field- or perhaps an introduction to a subject you're curious about? Checkout that networking event you've heard about. Something as simple as reading an article from fellow innovators may tip you back onto hope's side. It works for me!