Confessions of a book worm.


This year I've rekindled my love affair with the library. It's not exactly Belle's Library, or this, but it still has all of the books. I definitely get carried away with my check-outs because I'm taking part in a 50 book challenge and because it helps me as a writer. I'm reading different authors than I normally do- which is exposing my brain to new styles and vocabulary. Not to mention the inspiration that grows page by page, at least that's what I tell myself each time I settle in with a book.

That's a perfect plan... if I were writing. Hi, my name is Laura and reading has taken over my time. Where I used to sit down and reach for my pen, I now reach for my book. My observations are being stored in my mental journal... and subsequently lose their impact when I try to write them down later. Why was I so interested in that couple at the coffee shop? What was that phrase I loved? Where have all the cowboys gone?

Are any of you experiencing something similar? Maybe slacking on a project close to your heart? Or maybe we're in the same boat and want to write (way) more. Below are some tips that have worked for me- and that I'm recommitting to using daily.

  • Campfire Chic's Write365 App. With the touch of a "button," you get a prompt to get you going. It also provides the space for you to type it out and e-mail it to yourself. This has been a really great way to jump start my writing for the day.
  • Remind yourself of why you love writing, it may give you the boost you've been looking for.
  • Save 10-15 minutes a day just for writing. While you're sitting in your car waiting for your favorite song to finish (we all do it), jot down something -anything- that's on your mind. My favorite thing to write is a word photograph: a moment in time captured on paper. Describe the scenery, sure, but work on conveying the feeling of the moment. Keeping the writing under 10 minutes keeps it short and sweet.
  • Mix up your routine. You'll notice new things and your senses will be on high alert.
  • Speaking of noticing: Play "I Spy" with yourself. Each morning give yourself something to look for each day. Maybe it's something green, or a certain phrase, etc... I bet you'll notice more than you thought you would.
  • Read! Just don't forget to write too. 

Do you have any tips or tricks? I'd love to hear them!