How do you spend your time while you wait?

A) Check your phone.

B) Read a book.

C) Chat with the person sitting next to you.

D) Sit with yourself.

E) Other. (fill me in!)

I don't think I'm alone when I say that I typically check my phone while I wait. And I'm always a little disappointed in myself because there is rarely anything to report. Not only that, but I feel less motivated or inspired with each click of the lock button. 

I've started a personal campaign to spend more time with myself while I'm waiting. You know- people watch, day dream, have a little pep-talk if I'm working out a problem, think about what's for dinner. I've found that as I practice sitting with myself, time passes easily. I know I have the safety net of my phone nearby, but I'm trying really hard not to reach for it.

I told my friend that since I started watercolor (last week), each time I paint I want to write, and vice versa. Creative acts inspire more creative acts! Could there be anything less creative than checking my phone? 

So there it is, that's how I spend my time while I wait. More sitting with myself and less iphone hunch. That being said, if I have my book with me you know I'll be lost in it.