I liked productivity before it was cool

I hope you're taking a cue from my chihuahuas and reading this in the sun somewhere... with your squeaky blue alligator.

The dust has settled from SXSW and I'm very happy to resume regularly scheduled life. Only now I'm incorporating tools I learned from Interactive sessions to change up my work. Over the next few weeks, I'll be sharing what I learned about moving from a start-up to a Forbes 100 company, increasing mindfulness & productivity (be still, my heart!), and how to make the most of a massive festival when you're an introvert. 

I'm sharing the latter in hopes that you don't experience the energy-hangover (can I say that?) I did on Sunday. Despite participating in the music portion for only a day and a half, my energy was zapped- straight into the atmosphere for all the young bucks to use as they went from show to show. I didn't give myself a chance to recover after diving head first into SXSW Interactive: panels, keynotes, and book signings-oh my! It was a delight... that I should have let myself process before forging ahead into my next project. I got that one loud and clear! 

And, because I just started my watercolor class, I'll probably be posting some (extremely) beginner watercolor paintings for you to feast your eyes on. Yes, you can get them signed.