A song of chihuahuas and ice

Is it obvious I've been reading Game of Thrones? Sort of? Typical.

I had a big day planned... and then the roads iced up. So apart from the (slow) trip to the grocery store, I'm settling in for the day. Taking a cue from my post yesterday, I've blocked my time for taxes, some proposal writing, and a short design lesson. After a great conference call this morning, I'm going to use that momentum to tackle that work block... just in time for happy hour. Which, let's be real, is code for squeezing chihuahuas. 

And while I'm being real, I'll admit that I'm putting off saying "GO" on my time block by writing this. Especially because I'm trying not to slip into birthday-weekend-mode. So let's rally together, friends! It's Friday and only a few hours 'till quittin' time. Let's make them count.

How do you keep motivated when all you want to do is snuggle?