Follow your passion. Worst advice ever?

Photo credit: 99U.

A lot has been written about not following your passion, and keeping your day job instead. 

Well... I did the opposite.

I had run out of ways to "engage [my] the creation of value," and so I made the bold choice to leave.  Since my last day at the ole "office," my number of clients is slowly increasing, and with that comes my ability to do what I love and make money. 

But I'm still learning just how to do that. How to be a success- with profit, product, and time- is where I'm learning the most. Enter Cal Newport and this video where he shares 3 big ideas to get to loving what you do for a living.

1. Don’t follow your passion
2. Be so good they can’t ignore you
3. Go deep

Ideas one and two have their roots in you (me, us) honing your rare and valuable skills that will transfer over when you make the leap to your dream job. Newport tells us "passion grows as [you] get better." Duh. Who is passionate about something they can't do well? So keep practicing and work hard.

Idea three, go deep, takes a little more discipline.

Block out your time- yep, plan your day ahead of time so you spend more time doing what needs to be done, and less time reacting to what comes up during the day. Pro tip: you can rearrange your day as needed- lunch time is a great time for that. Blocking your time gives you the time and mental dedication that's needed to do this deep work. Next, clearly define an outcome for each time block. This gives you a goal for each session of deep work. Think of your brain as an athlete training for the Olympics... work up from picking out your first pair of skates (15-20 minutes of deep work) to landing that  Lutz jump (an hour or more of deep work). Maybe your first goal of a time block is to write, without distraction, for 15 minutes. Finally, Be obsessive about opportunity. Develop your habits and skills obsessively and use them each and every occasion you can.

What do you think? Follow your passion or keep your day job? Let's discuss!