sunshine and clementines

sunshine grows on trees
you’d believe it with each bite
drinking gravity
— Poetry at Parties

This takes me back (way back) to the days I'd ride my bike around my brother's soccer practice passing the time the best way I knew how, and laugh and smile the way only kids know how. Dad called me Golden Sunshine because of my blonde hair flying behind me, and he wrote as much in the notebook that never left my side- except when I was on my bike.

Poetry at Parties' haiku is posted next to my desk because 1) it's the best party idea I've ever seen (seriously- who doesn't like creative people who travel with type writers); 2) sunshine + clementines = a recipe for smiles and 3) a gentle reminder to be that girl with the notebook- observing, writing, but never passing an opportunity to laugh and smile.

What do you do to remind yourself about what matters?