Is it my hat?

Sunday: It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was a bike race.

Best of times: hanging out with my true blue pal on a gorgeous day; wearing wide-brimmed hats (aka Derby hats); bubbles; watching our men race- and the hilarity that comes with that (us. not them- they are awesome); more bubbles; and finally ending the day with chips and salsa.

Worst of times: haters.

Yep, at 30 I can still feel like I'm in high-school and of times totally trumps the worst!  Haters gonna hate, right? So then why is it so easy to give power to that negativity? It has taken me three days to write because I was afraid she heard me talk about this and was going to look up my writing. (Say what!?) So what? She laughed at my hat and I survived. I'm 100% sure I'd live if she hated my writing.

This week has constantly been a reminder that people are not always going to love what I do. And that I'm probably going to fall on my face a few times for every success I have. Most importantly though, was the lesson in kindness. I'm guilty in harboring a little ill-will whenever I'm insecure- and that has got to go! (See ya!) That isn't going to help my shine factor! It was all too apparent how un-shiny it can be this weekend.

So friends, I'm going to let my Hello, Clementine! flag fly, concentrate on the best of times and learn from the worst... and wear my big hat. 

How do you cope with naysayers, bummers, or bullies?