Let's make it pop

One of the benefits of being a freelancer is the ability to work from anywhere. Last week you would have seen me in New Orleans, typing away at a coffee shop near the French Quarter... before I was coated in powdered sugar like the many beignets I made sure to eat.

This morning, happy to be home- but missing that sweet city in Louisiana- I'm posted up at my desk ready to get back into the flow of my Austin life. Finish taxes: check! Productive call with a client: check! Editing for another client: check and check! That's usually when I take a play-with-the-dogs break... check, check, check and check. 

And this is when I start to notice my attention waning. So I'm going to try something new: workstation popcorn. It's not exactly what it sounds like, but yes, I will probably have a snack at my desk.... Mmmm snacks... Wait. Where was I? Oh yeah, workstation popcorn. Start by making a specific list of things you need to accomplish today. Then group your to-do's together according to task, this is where it get's good. 

After you've completed the to-do's in one group. Take a break and switch locations! When the weather was cold (re: anything below 60 degrees), I would move from my desk to the kitchen table, or sometimes the couch if it was conducive to work. Today I get to head to my favorite coffee shop- the bonus? I'll get to take a stroll because, a) it's close b) it's above 60 and c) I loved walking around NOLA so much that I'm gonna keep it going here.

Popping from one workstation to another gives you built in breaks as you change locations, so your mind is fresh and refreshed when you sit down to start your next group of to-do's. If you don't work from home, you can still group your tasks together and then take a short walk between groups. You could grab some popcorn while you're up! That's the same, right?