We can do anything!!

Last October my office was in the throes of planning a very large and seasonal event. (No, not our wedding). On the days leading up to the event, the director and I were running around feeling overwhelmed, excited about the festivities, and slightly concerned that our to-do lists were only growing. Sound familiar? A little bit like the holiday season, maybe?

That week before the event we created our battle cry, "WE CAN DO ANYTHING!!!" in response to an added task or putting out the minor non-literal fires that would inevitably pop up. It was perfect because we would laugh, put our heads down, and get it done.

You may be in charge of the company Christmas party, or have to bake 4 dozen cupcakes by tomorrow morning. Maybe you have all of your holiday parties this week and your party dress is waiting for you at the dry cleaners. If you are making a list and checking it twice say it with me, "I can do anything!"

I like to channel my inner Towanda when I yell out this mantra. And although I'm significantly less destructive, I still feel pretty dang empowered. Let me know if this helps you manage your to-do lists, makes you giggle, or both!