5 Things

1. This is just a little PSA about drinking water: It's so easy during the winter months to forget to drink as much water as we need to since we're not trying to cool down. The dry air, sugary snacks, and ramped up party schedule take a toll on your skin. You will feel better, your skin will look better, and it may stop you (me) for going for that 8th truffle. Or maybe not.  Squeeze some lemon in it for added perks. OK carry on.

2. While this month has been hectic (I miss you, yoga), we've still managed to keep our Christmas parties special by just hitting up the ones hosted by our nearest and dearest. This weekend is full of special Christmas parties and celebrations. There will be a pie party, pre-Christmas with J's family, a wedding party, Home Alone Quote-a-Long and a glitter-bro gift exchange. I consider it a warm-up for the 24th. 

This would do nicely.  Image Credit .

This would do nicely. Image Credit.

3. I have a friend who doesn't send selfies, but when she does she is in a gorgeous gown. That picture prompted the "why don't people dress up anymore?" conversation. Full disclosure: I've worn the same red flannel shirt in some capacity the last 3 days. It's comfy and seasonal. It's easy to get a little lazy, sartorially speaking, living in a city where work-out gear is the norm. I want to mix it up a little, err on the side of dressy. After I pry myself away from this flannel, that is.

4. I'd love to hear some of your holiday traditions! What makes Christmas, Hannukkah, or New Years special to you? Christmas to me is full of memories of my brother and I sneaking downstairs to open our presents from Santa. It was always really early (like 3 AM early). At dinner we would wear the paper crowns you get in the little poppers. When I think of New Years I think of eating meatballs and watching movies until almost midnight with my family and friends, tuning into the count down and then celebrating with noise makers. 

5. Happy Hanukkah to those celebrating the Festival of Lights!