The beginning of the end (of the year).

Alright y'all, here we are- December! How do your planners look? I (festively) wrote in upcoming holiday parties and events and wrote down a few more things I'd like to accomplish in 2014. And when I say a few more things, I mean that I took up the whole page in my planner. Okay, sure I wrote things down like "wrap presents," "pick up C&K from the airport," etc... things that I will do. After all, it's nice knowing you'll definitely get to cross some things off that list.

By a show of hands, is anyone else there with me? December is always buzzing with activity, and not all of it is candy cane induced. Wrapping up projects and making the initial notes on a new venture can be as fun, and taxing, as saying yes to each and every festive happy hour. Not to mention checking off 2014 goals and thinking up even more audacious goals for 2015!

Our (my) quest to accomplish each task can be detrimental to our (my) creative and productive selves (self). Huh? By not resting after we accomplish something big, we're robbing ourselves of creativity, brain power, and even joy. After you hit send on that big project, take a moment to decompress before you attempt the next item on your list. Take a walk, read something that isn't task related, doodle, nap, anything that makes you smile (yes, napping makes me smile). This gives your body and mind a chance to neutralize and will allow you focus on your next task- fresh and ready to work.

I especially appreciate Elizabeth Grace Saunders' reminder that downtime doesn't just happen. Like any project or to-do item, you need to plan for it. Yes, that may mean setting a reminder to relax after your deadline. 

But wait, how does this help you in the holiday-party-arena? After all, we're well-rounded, festive people! I'll share that with you on Wednesday- I have to finish up a project before then!